Taj Global Understanding welcomes the opportunity to work with both student groups and professional groups to create customized short term volunteer and cross cultural programs in INDIA, programs with a specific goal and duration. Volunteer programs can be designed for groups of 10 or more for periods of 1-2 weeks.

Taj Global Understanding works with:
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Boy Scout & Girl Scout Troops
  • Religious Organizations & Youth Groups
  • Medical Professionals
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Mission Groups
  • Chamber of Commerce Groups
  • Performing Arts Groups
  • Teachers & Academics
In theory, the idea and the desire to volunteer internationally is noble and should be encouraged. In reality, volunteering internationally, especially in developing or emerging societies can be an enormous challenge. The impact to a volunteer can be transformative and life changing. The impact to the host community or the volunteer location can be problematic followed by a lack of sustainability. It is for this reason that TGU has made the determination that group programs, versus individual placements, provide the best platform for overall education and enrichment for volunteers and the host community/project area, while leaving a minimal ‘footprint’.

The goals of a TGU group volunteer project are:
  • To provide aid and humanitarian relief
  • To develop international understanding
  • To foster cross-cultural exchange, skills, & tolerance
  • To promote personal growth and development
  • To enhance global awareness & civic participation
  • To create a foundation for peace
In today’s society, the line between volunteerism and volunteer tourism has often become blurred. Often times volunteers may have unreal expectations as to what can be accomplished in a short period. Some volunteers may seek a travel experience, a sightseeing thrill, or a low cost adventure. Volunteers may or may not have experience. NGO’s may or may not have the resources to adequately provide oversight and one to one attention to the volunteer. The wide cultural gap between volunteer and host community can have both a positive and negative impact. Therefore, Taj Global Understanding believes that structured group programming provides the right balance to achieve the best chances for sustainable impact.
TGU would like to work with your organization to design and build the perfect itinerary. Through sufficient planning and pre production, the objects are clear, the challenges are discussed, and expectations are real. TGU has a tremendous amount of experience and expertise working in India. Our programs blend social service, the cross-cultural experience, and sightseeing.

For more details and to discuss options for your group, please email us at:
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