Taj Global Understanding’s Private School Program is an opportunity for international students to live and study in the United States, complete their secondary education, experience American culture, become a part of the local community, all which provide a platform for personal growth and unparalleled life experience.

Private School education in the United States comes in all shapes and sizes. Schools are located in all 50 States, with both large and small campuses, both day and boarding facilities, urban and rural settings, along with a wide range of academic curriculum and enrichment activities. Funding for private education in America is generated through student tuition, endowments, scholarship funds, private donations, and grants from organizations. TGU is partnered with a number of private schools across the country; moreover, the common thread that unites each of them is an understanding and appreciation of the importance of a strong and diverse international student program and a willingness to open their doors to students from across the globe.
As an international exchange student, one gets to experience authentic American Culture. Students gain valuable international exposure, life experience, improved communication skills, adaptability, personality development, confidence, critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, and teamwork, each an important attribute in future success. Studying abroad provides students with added maturity, leadership skills, and international experience desired by college admission boards and future employers.
  • Placement with accredited school (Approval for I-20 enrollment)
  • Flexibility in course/subject selection
  • Multiple years of study available
  • Choice of living with a host family or in a boarding facility
  • Cultural immersion with the local American community
  • Participation in sports and extra curricular activities
  • Ability to travel to home country during school vacation periods
  • College prep available
  • Guidance Counselor support in applying to US colleges/universities
  • Local field trips and sightseeing to American landmarks
  • Tutoring/ESL offered, as required
  • Age 14-18
  • Proficiency in English (SLEP test required)
  • Ability to meet F-1 Visa requirements
  • Good academic standing in home country
  • Flexible, Mature, & Open to New Cultures
Host Family Experience
“….Today is a very sad day here as we will be leaving in a few hours to take Vrutant to the airport. I can only imagine how you long to see him again. He is such a special person and we are missing him already. This experience with him has been wonderful and thank God we have had the opportunity to offer our home.

Last night our church had a going away party for Vrutant. The people of the church, teachers at school, family, friends, and neighbors, were all present to say their goodbyes to Vrutant. We know he must pursue his dreams but saying goodbye is still difficult.

I told him in a letter that he needs to hug you both lots and lots when he returns to India for I know you have missed him so much and how you long to see him again. Thank you so much for allowing him to come and share the past year with us. We love him like our own sons. (They) will miss him as a brother…”

“ Working in the U.S. was a dream come true. Got to learn how to earn money and how to be independent. ”