TGU Story
The story of Taj Global Understanding parallels the personal journey of Brad Baldwin, which began with an unplanned and almost accidental trip to India in 1992. As a high school student, Brad embarked on his very first international trip to visit family living and working in New Delhi. Although a frequent traveler in the United States, nothing could have prepared Brad for the tremendous ‘out of the box’ experience that was simply India. The trip, which included solo travel to visit the Taj Mahal, was a saturation of all five senses.

Several years later, India came calling again. Mr. Baldwin designed his own GAP year program after graduating from the University of Southern California. Seeking enhanced life experience, international exposure, and a new perspective; Brad followed his instinct and took a job teaching English at a boarding school in the Himalayas. However, ‘romanticized’ visions of life in India quickly came crashing to reality via extreme culture shock and many hardships that were faced.

Mr. Baldwin learned to overcome the challenge of adapting to life in a completely new culture and wound up immersing himself into volunteer service for an NGO based at the historic Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Brad would spend three years working with total devotion, absent of any salary, to raise 250K in financing to design and produce a stage play with 14 underprivileged youth from Ahmedabad. The show, EKTA, toured the United States for three months in 2002 and was a major success.

After EKTA, Brad was keen to provide one of the young teenage performers with an opportunity to spend a year in Virginia under the J-1 Academic Year Program. Mr. Baldwin worked tirelessly to raise funds and to submit all application formalities with the U.S. based sponsor organization, but in the end failed. Rules, regulations, and an operating policy failed to recognize that the ‘applicant’ was an ideal candidate for the cross-cultural exchange program. The system had failed.

Thus Taj Global Understanding was born to create, design, & administer it’s own brand of life experience programs to help others continue their journey, just as Mr. Baldwin has and continues to do.
“ Working in the U.S. was a dream come true. Got to learn how to earn money and how to be independent. ”