1. EXPERIENCE. TGU management has a combined 25+ years of experience working with international youth. Cross-cultural programs require leadership, communication, understanding and effective management.

2. INDIA’S LEADER. TGU is a leader and a pioneer in bringing exchange and immersion opportunities to Indian youth! Our core programs began in India, one of the most challenging markets in the world.

3. QUALITY. Student numbers drive many organizations, partly to cover massive administrative overheads. TGU has always had a personal, hands-on approach when dealing with schools, students, parents, and host communities. TGU wants participants to feel as they are part of our family as opposed to just a number.

4. WYSE. TGU is a proud member of The World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation, the world’s largest and most powerful network of youth and student travel providers.

5. PLATFORM. Many cultural programs are highly unstructured, even with significant program fees charged to participants. TGU’s philosophy is ‘maximizing the culture experience.’ We understand that students and schools generally have shorter periods to travel, especially during breaks and holidays. Therefore, our programming is generally 9am-9pm, highly structured, and offering the maximum educational benefit.

6. AFFORDABILTY. TGU is a non-profit United States based organization. The United States government has various initiatives, which are promoted through Embassies and Consulates globally that offer fully funded scholarships; however, these scholarships only represent a small fraction of youth travel and exchange worldwide. Over 95% of cross cultural exchange and youth travel programs are managed by reputable non-profit organizations, including TGU. Our largest sector of student participants come from the middle class socio economic bracket.

7. SAFETY. The safety and security of all of our participants is our number one priority. TGU has 24/7 emergency support available for all our programs.

8. LOCATION. The United States of America is comprised of 50 wonderful and diverse states; however, TGU has a built in bias toward our home state of Virginia! For our Private School & Summer Work & Travel Program, we work with host communities throughout the country. For our World Classroom Programs, TGU is able to capitalize on the assets, which Virginia has; international accessibility, proximity to iconic landmarks, rich heritage and history, diverse geography, rural & urban settings, and an ideal display of American Culture.

9. WORD OF MOUTH. Another measure of TGU’s success is that we are in regular touch with many of our Alumni, Students, & Parents. TGU has never relied on flashy promotional brochures, but rather by letting the programs and the participants speak for themselves.

10. BIG PICTURE. Education and public diplomacy are at the very core of TGU’s operating philosophy. While we recognize individual students and parents look at personal benefits, TGU views our organization with a much wider lens. We are invested in promoting life experience programs and see how they change perceptions, remove stereotypes, and serve to bring the world closer together.
“ Working in the U.S. was a dream come true. Got to learn how to earn money and how to be independent. ”