Taj Global Understanding provides international students, schools, and educators with a unique educational platform to enhance the traditional classroom experience. TGU’s World Classroom Programs are structured short term inbound programs to the United States, which blend cross cultural exchange with immersion activities and are designed to provide maximum international exposure.

What is American Culture and what are American Values? How do American schools operate and what is the student/teacher relationship like? In addition to being an American President, what other careers and personal hobbies did Thomas Jefferson have? What is the relationship between local, state, and federal governments in America’s democracy? What are American college campuses like? What games and sports are popular in the US? How many rooms and floors are there in the White House? What is the significance of Jamestown and who founded the settlement? How does American English and regional linguistics differ from English spoken around the world? How do Hollywood films and pop culture portray Western society? What type of equipment is used in agri-business? What are the roles of women in American society? Is there diversity in America? How does the geography of Virginia compare with that of your home country and community? These are just some of the many questions which a World Classroom program seeks to answer.

TGU’s World Classroom Program inspires learning, creates friendships, and also serves to teach American's and American youth about other countries, other cultures, and other ways of life.
A typical World Classroom program consists of three major components; Academic, Immersion, & Sightseeing. Itineraries are structured with a combination of activities throughout each day.

The ACADEMIC COMPONENT involves visits and interaction with both public and private schools in the United States. Types of activities include: Shadowing American students, Debates, Sports, Science Projects, Humanities Projects, International Day Projects, and joint field trips. College campuses can also be visited.

The IMMERSION COMPONENT is diverse, hands on, and a favorite to all students. This element involves both cross cultural and educational field trips. Hands on workshops may include: Police, Rescue, & Fire Departments; Post Office; Hospitals; Courts; & local Businesses. Cultural activities can be arranged with youth groups, churches, scout groups, community leaders, & local festival celebrations. Educational Field Trips may include trips to President’s homes, National Parks, Museums, & Television Stations.

The SIGHTSEEING COMPONET is the opportunity for students to visit American landmarks and fulfill the role of a tourist. Taking advantage of our prime geographic location in the United States, students have the opportunity to visit Washington DC (White House, Capitol, Memorials, Museums); New York (Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Niagara Falls); and even Florida (Disney World/Sea World/NASA).

Culpeper, the U.S. headquarters for Taj Global Understanding, is a community located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, whose history is intertwined with that of America. Culpeper, a small town with a population of 50,000, is nestled in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a setting which provides a one of a kind base for international students from across the globe to experience all aspects of the World Classroom Program.

Virginia, one of the original thirteen colonies, is located on the East Coast and borders Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, & North Carolina. Virginia offers students a wide landscape for cultural immersion through its rural small towns, large urban cities, diverse topography, rich heritage, and proximity to many of America’s iconic landmarks!
Key Benefits of a TGU World Classroom Program are:
  • International Exposure
  • Practical Life Experience
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills
  • Well Rounded Resume
  • Future College & Career Prospects in Home Country
TGU’s World Classroom Programs are available year round for participants ranging in age from 10-18. Average program durations are 1-2 weeks and group sizes ranging from 15-50. Due to the intensive structure of the program and the full day schedules, participants most often are accommodated in local hotels.

TGU understands that schools have varied interests; hence, we have the ability to customize programs for individual schools. Short Term Programs can also be structured around COLLEGE-UNIVERSITY VISITS, ESL INTENSIVE WORKSHIPS, as well as HIGH ADVENTURE SPORTING programming.
“ Working in the U.S. was a dream come true. Got to learn how to earn money and how to be independent. ”